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When the warm weather comes, it’s time to get outside. What better place to enjoy your beautiful yard or lake than on a new deck? A well-made deck is a perfect spot to relax with friends during those long summer days. Whether you’re observing the birds, playing with the kids, or firing up the grill for a barbecue with friends and family, a deck is your place to play.

For over 20 years, Sunspace has been helping families extend their summer living space through sunrooms and decks. Our decks are manufactured at Sunspace and assembled at your home. That approach ensures that we can keep quality high and labor costs low so you can make the most of the warm weather. Sunspace of Minocqua is your local, certified Sunspace Dealer. We’re trained to install your new deck so that you know it’s done right, the first time.

We offer a selection of colors, building materials, and styles. Customize your new deck to fit with your home or summer cottage. Take a look at our versatile AlumaDecks, made from durable and environmentally friendly aluminum. Or, check out our ThermaDeck, which is specially designed to offer 25% better insulated flooring than traditional stud construction. Either style of deck comes with a choice of Grey or Sand coloring, and there’s no need to repaint them—ever!

Are you building a deck near your lake or pool? Our decks are slip-resistant and leak-proof. They won’t flex or sag, no matter how much time you and your guests spend there. Sunspace AlumaDecks and ThermaDecks are designed to integrate with other Sunspace products, including our low-maintenance, code-certified railing systems. If you ever decide to upgrade your space for longer seasonal usage, a Sunspace Sunroom can be installed right over your existing deck.

Being the most versatile choice when it comes to decking, Aluminum allows our product to be watertight, slip and weather resistant, without sacrificing strength or quality. Essentially maintenance free for the course of its life. AlumaDeck will not rust, crack, fade or degrade from the elements or UV exposure like wood, plastics or composites would. Being a thermal conductor, it also does not hold heat like other materials, always feeling cool to the touch and is fire safe up to 1,220°f (660°c). Best of all it’s Green! Free from harmful toxins; it will not impact the environment and can be recycled. Suitable for home, cottage or commercial use, AlumaDeck can be integrated with a variety of Railing and Sunroom products and is guaranteed to outlast any wood, membrane or plastic based products.


Product Brochure

Sunspace AlumaDeck Decking Stairs PDF

Features & Benefits

  • Planks up to 22' Long
  • Planks are 6" width
  • Self-Spacing, Watertight design
  • No difficult clipping system
  • Powder coated with a non-slip finish
  • Spans between joists up to 32"
  • Maintenance free
  • Fire Resistant No Warping, splitting or cracking
  • No Mold or Mildew
  • Saltwater tested
  • Environmentally Friendly, Non-toxic

Sunspace Decking System

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Decking Systems

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