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You’ve decided you want to expand your living space and get the most out of your backyard by enclosing your porch or building a sunroom. Fantastic! The next question is, what kind of roof will you put on? A range of Sunspace Roof Systems are available to you; why not try an Acrylic Roof?

Sunspace Acrylic Roof Systems offer the best of both worlds: they let in sunlight while still blocking harmful UV rays and inclement weather.

Sunspace Acrylic Roof Systems provide the highest level of light transmission, and they distribute that light evenly and softly. If you want to ensure that your new sunroom is the brightest and warmest in the house, consider installing an Acrylic Roof. That sunlight streaming into your new room means superior energy savings and heat control.

Sunspace Acrylic Roof Systems let in light, but they still provide excellent overhead protection. In fact, our Acrylic Roofs are built with our heaviest, most rigid panels for proven hail protection. With their non-shattering safety glaze, our Acrylic Roofs have got you covered.

That quality is guaranteed to last. Sunspace Acrylic is designed to maintain 90% light transmission and clarity for 30 years. Compare that to polycarbonate roofs, whose light transmission diminishes over time. Polycarbonate roofs also yellow with age, resulting in sheet replacement in as early as 10 years.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior energy savings and heat control
  • Filters Harmful UV rays without blocking natural Light
  • Highest light transmission
  • Even light distribution
  • Proven hail protection
  • Patented condensate control
  • Heaviest and most rigid panels
  • Non-shattering safety glazing
  • Integrated extruded aluminum gutter system
  • Strong enough to hold fans, lights and plants
  • Engineered to support heavy snow loads
  • 30 year warranty against yellowing

Product Brochure

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Acrylic Roof Systems are designed to fit with a variety of roofing sheets to help meet your needs. Choose the range of solar tints that will block harmful UV rays while allowing various levels of light transmission and heat reflection. A Sunspace Acrylic Roof adapts to most roof systems for easy installation. And, they’re virtually maintenance free!

Contact Sunspace of Minocqua today to find the right combination that will get you the look you want with the protection you need.

Sunspace Patio Covers

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Acrylic Patio Covers

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