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The roof is the most critical part of any sunroom. As with every other aspect of your new screened porch, three- or four-season room, Sunspace of Minocqua gives you options so that you can design the addition of your dreams—floor to roof! Whether you are enclosing an existing deck or porch or a carport, we’ve got you covered. Choose between an elegant cathedral ceiling or a contemporary studio pitch roof.

The best part—as with every aspect of your new Sunspace Sunroom—is its easy installation. Our roofing systems require less labor than previous methods. Because our sunrooms and roofs are modular units, custom-built and delivered to you, you can be sure that your new sunroom is built on time and with less hassle than on-site construction.

All roof systems come with a choice of 3-inches, 4-inches, or 6-inches thickness. Which thickness is right for you? We’ll help you make that determination, taking into account roof projection, snow load, and R-value. Skylights can also be easily installed in your new roof to let in even more light. All roofs are strong enough to support fans, lights, and hanging plants, so you can decorate your interior the way you desire.

We know you want your new addition to fit right in with the rest of your home, inside and out. That’s why you can choose between a roof system with a high density foam core with aluminum skins laminated on both sides or a system with an OSB exterior that can accommodate standard shingles. Aluminum colors come in White, Driftwood, and Bronze.

Every roof system comes with an internal water troughing system to channel away moisture. Heavy-duty extruded aluminum gutters and fascia

Features & Benefits

  • Panels up to 24"
  • Panels are full 48" width
  • Availavble in 3" R-12, 4" R-16 & 6" R-24
  • Strong enough to hold Fan’s, Lights & Plants
  • Mono-slope or Gabled Roof
  • Skylights installed with ease
  • One piece gutter, (up to 22"), with matching facisa
  • Easy Installation
  • More Labor saving than previous methods
  • Aluminum Stucco colors - White, Driftwood & Bronze, (White panels are stock - color panels will result in longer lead times)

Product Brochure

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Whether you are considering installing a roof over your current deck or hoping to create a protected carport at Sunspace, we have you covered! All Sunspace roof systems come in thicknesses of 3" R-12, 4" R-16 and 6" R-24. How do you choose thickness? We look at your roof projection, snow load and R Value. All roof systems are durable with high density foam core with aluminum skins laminated on both sides or have an OSB exterior to accommodate standard shingles. Every roof system has an internal water trough system to channel away moisture and comes standard with worry free heavy duty extruded aluminum gutters and fascia.

Sunspace Insulated Patio Covers

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Solid Insulated Patio Covers

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